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Witam - dostałem dzisaj taki o to formularz (1099-G) i zupelnie nei wiem po co oni mi go przysłali

Oto jego treść:

The State of Maine is required by federal law to annually notify re[beeep]ients of state income tax refunds paid and credits or offsets allowed during the previous calendar year. The refunds, credists or offsets listed below may include contributions, park pass purchases and/or use tax amounts shown on your return. We are also required to notify re[beeep]ients of property tax refunds issuedunder the Maine Residents Property Tax Program or business Property Tax Reimbursement Program. This notification is provided to taxpayers who recived a Maine tax refund or credit and who appear to have claimed itemized deductions on their federal income tax return.

The amount shown below may be taxable to you if you deducted the income or property tax paid as an itemized deductions on your federal income tax return. Please see the instructions for federal Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ for more information.

The total overpayment shown above does not include any refundable child care credit that was included on line 28 of your Maine income tax return.

If the refund interest is greater than 600$, it is reported on Substitute Form 1099-INT. Also, refunds from the Business Property Tax Reimbursement Program are reported on Substitute Form 1099-MISC.

this is important tax information and is being furnished to the Internal Revenue Service. If you are required to file a return and to report the amounts above as income, penalties may be charged if the IRS determines that the income has not been reported.

Czy możecie mi powiedziec co mam z nim zrobić ?

Z góry dzieki za info

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