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Pine Acres Family Camping Resort

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Witam. Na targach w Krakowie (08,12,07) udalo sie znalezc prace wlasnie Pine Acres Resort. Byl juz ktos tam? Jest cos do zwiedzenia w poblizu? Na miejscu mam byc 20 czerwca 2008. Prosze o opinie i kontakt

czy ktos jedzie w to miejsce??

a moze ktos juz tam byl? jak tam jest? jakie warunki? a szefostwo?

dzieki za wszystkie informacje

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W zwiazku z kilkoma pytaniami w odpowiedzi otrzymalam:

you can bring your laptop computer. You will need an adaptor to plug it into the outlets here. We offer our guests free wi-fi, so you'll be able to surf the net. We also offer a computer for students that don't have laptops after work hours for them to use.

I'll be honest with you. Pine Acres is approximately 15-20 miles from the nearest city. We are a destination compground. You are guaranteed 40 hours per week, but we've never had any students get a 2nd part time job. It's hard when you don't have public transportation to get you to places. The only oppoprtunity would be if you were to extend your stay with us beyond the 12 weeks,and earn extra money that way.

Yes, I can give you some email addresses of other students who will be working here

Food- During peak season (June 15- September 1) you are allowed to have one free meal at the store, your choice of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For breakfast we have omelets, eggs, pancakes, french toast, sandwiches, bagels, etc. For lunch and dinner, we offer hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, fish & chips, french fries, tuna BLT, etc. We also give you a $50 per week stipend to buy food at the local market. There you can buy whatever you like for food. Your housing includes a full kitchen with stove/oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, pots, pans, etc

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