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Oferta Pracy-start Pocz.roku 2009


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Witam wszystkich,

przekazuje ponizej oferte calkiem interesujacej pracy. Prosze zapoznajcie sie z nia, jesli bedzie ktos zainteresowany lub mial pytania niech pisze. Oto szczegoly, ktore dostalam od CEO pewnej firmy zlokalizowanej w Sand Diego, CA. Prosze, aby nie kontaktowaly sie zadne "third parties". Jesli ktos wykaze zainteresowanie nastepnym krokiem bedzie przeslanie resume (w jez. ang jasna sprawa), ktore nastepnie przekaze CEO. Z opisu wynika ze nie ma wymogu aby potencjalna osoba miszkala w USA, zreszta sami zobaczcie:

I will be looking for an administrative aid to travel with me to the Eastern European markets, the Middle East and India. This person must be very conversant and cannot be intimidated by people in high positions in large companies.

This person must be skilled in MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint and MS-Excel. Duties would entail taking notes at the meetings, putting the conversations into Word for later review. At installations she would take photos and document any conversations related to the photos. Must set up travel arrangements for those traveling.

Travel is fast and furious. Not much down time and no room for complainers.

So that you have an understanding of the selection process: Of the candidates that submit a resume and are interviewed I will narrow the choice down to three candidates. The candidates must speak at least one other language fluently besides English. It is important to understand that because of security issues that the candidate have no felony arrest records.

Each one of the three candidates will travel individually on a 3 to 4 week business trip. Many of the appointments will be set up in advance by the United States Embassy in that particular country unless we have had previous contact with the organization that we are visiting. This is a trial trip, the candidate that shows the most professionalism and business acumen will be the one chosen.

I have interviewed 6 and chosen 1 for an October/November trip I have planned. I will be reviewing resumes when I return from this trip for a the late winter and the early spring trips.

If someone is interested please send resume with photo. Salary is dependant on experience and would be discussed with candidate. Candidate does not need to reside in the United States. This position should become available during the 1st quarter of 2009.

To jesli chodzi o informacje ktore posiadam. Jesli macie pytania, piszcie, stworze kompilacje i przesle w celu uzyskania o odpowiedzi.



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