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Dui Przed Interview


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Hi. Moje pytanie jest nastepujace czy dostane zielona karte z DUI?


Czy moze lepiej bedzie nie mowic i nie pokazywac tego mandatu?

To akurat najgorsze co moglbys zrobic. W czasie rozmowy urzednik zapyta czy cos sie zmienilo w twojej sytuacji od czasu zlozenia wniosku. Wtedy powiesz co i jak. Amerykanie BARDZO NIE LUBIA jak sie ich oklamuje.

ponizej troche wiecej o warunkach dla zielonej karty:

Criminal Factors

Someone who has been found guilty of a felony conviction where the factual basis involves bodily harm to another (rape, molestation, murder) or to property (burglary, robbery, larceny) or guilty of certain drug offenses will likely be unable to obtain a green card. Commission of these types of crimes can also result in removal and deportation where the person is already a green card holder. But the commission of a misdemeanor crime will not automatically prohibit you from obtaining a green card or a temporary visa. A misdemeanor offense is an offense where the imprisonment time is one year. Common misdemeanor crimes include a first time DUI conviction, petty theft (value of the stolen item is less than $400.00 dollars), or simple battery.

So the good news is that a DUI conviction will not automatically prevent you from obtaining a green card. But of course an immigration officer will take into consideration the criminal conviction when assessing your case. In other words, the conviction is a factor but it should not be the only factor when the officer is assessing your case. With these types of situations, it is best to go with an experienced immigration attorney

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