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I-864 Ez I 864 W


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Moja sprawa w NVC niby dobiegla do konca-doczekalam sie CASE COMPLETE lecz:

case complete September 1

tego samego dnia moja Mama-sponsor-otrzymala mail z informacja iz brakuje potwierdzenia,ze dodatkowy sponsor nie udowodnil swojego obywatelstwa amerykanskiego oraz brak form I-864 EZ I 864 W.

Wiec potwierdzenie obywatelstwa dodatkowego sponsora juz zostalo wyslane ale co z tymi I-864 EZ I 864 W ?

Chcialabym by sprawa zakonczyla sie juz(bo powinna) i chce pomoc mojej Mamie a nie wiemy co to za formy

Prosze Was o pomoc :rolleyes:

Financial Evidence

NVC has completed the review of this case.However,our review of the I- 864,I -864 EZ, I -864 W or I -864 A <if applicable> Affidavid of Support Form and supporting dokuments That you have submitted indicates that there is stiill some missing documentation.

We are sending you the attached checklist,which indicates which documents are still missing.You should obtain these documents and forward them to the visa applicant so they may be presented at the final interview. The applicant must present all required forms and documents,including the missing items to the Consular officer at the visa interview.

Please pay specific attention to questions marked in the attached I -864, I - 864 EZ, I - 864 W or I - 864 A checklist.

Failure to present the missing items indicated and/ or to make the necessary corrections at the visa interview could result in a denial or delay in obtaining a visa for the sponsored applicant.

If you need a new I -864 form, please visit the Departament of State Website at the following address ImmigrantVisas.state.gov and read the Affidavit of Support I -864 instructions. From the you can fill out the form online and print it to send to the visa applicant for the interview.

You will be notified when an interview has been set.Do not contact post regarding your interview date until you have been notified

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