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Przedłużenie wizy J-1

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Tak na szybko szukając : 


Gdzie piszą nawet: 


Validity Period

The amount of time that you can stay in the U.S. under your J-1 visa is dependent on your specific program, though the maximum is usually seven years except under certain circumstances.

Oczywiście jest "ale" :)


Extension of the J-1 visa will vary depending on the standards and conditions of the applicant’s specific Visitor Exchange Program. The applicant’s length of stay for the program can be determined by the IAP-66 or Certificate of Eligibility. The maximum time of stay cannot go beyond the total amount indicated by the program. The program and program sponsor must consent to the J-1 visa extension.

Ale, lepiej niech się wypowiedzą CI co mają większe doświadczenie :)


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