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Csc Bawi Się W Najlepsze


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Natrafiłem na taki oto temat na VisaJourney:


Apparently the USCIS congressional liason at CSC told him that 48,000 files were damaged when the pipe broke a couple of weeks ago. (Remember CSC was closed for two days for a plumbing problem??)

Jeśli to prawda, to nieciekawie...

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Nie napisalem ze bezpodstawnie, niemniej jednak to nie jest ich zla wola - sa pewnie understaffed w stosunku do ilosci pracy, do CSC dorzucili to cale DACA (i to jest fakt - czy wplynelo to na processing time - hgw). Sam do nich za pare miesiecy RoC bede slal...

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Na bieżąco śledzę posty na visajourney, i w tym temacie pojawiły się kolejne informacje. Dla zainteresowanych oficjalnym tłumaczeniem USCIS czemu sprawy z listopada i grudnia są przetwarzane przed tymi z lipca - października:


"We were able to locate the issue that may have caused a few days’ worth of cases to be worked out of order. This was a result of the flood at the CSC a few weeks back. The cases in their file room were wet, and the whole file room was relocated. As a result, they didn’t have access to every case during that time. They believe they have now resolved that issue and are back on track starting today."

Informacje o przeniesieniu workloadu na petycje I-129F:


"Able to speak with CSC today about a different type of case and discussed the frustrations again about I-129F delays. CSC reported they have more field officers trained in adjudicating I-129F petitions and will be moving on the backlog.

Sounds like your petition since it was received and assigned September 4, 2012 priority date will be among the petitions that will be worked on immediately. Would you like for me to follow up on status in a couple of weeks or on Friday 4/19?

Let me know your preference. Thank you for the visa forum discussion page. Also alerted CSC of the visa forum and White House notice of I-129F delays. They were interested and alert to move on the petitions."


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