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1986 Amnesty Was A Predictable Flop.


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Ostatnio wyczytane w lokalnej gazecie:

" In 1986, we granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens who were within our borders. This was supposed to solve our illegal immigration problem. Predictably, it only made the problem worse. Today, we propably have at least 20 million illegals in our country. And it will get much worse if we grant them amnesty. Visit thenewamerican.com for details.

The only solution is to demand that our federal government enforce our immigration laws. it certainly is not doing that. We have troops all over the world protrcting other nadtions. Let's bring some of them home and beef up the security of our own borders.

Next we must enforce laws pertaining to document fraud and the hiring of illegals. hence, many illegal will leave our country because no one will hire them. Also, we must cancel granting automatic citizenship to infants born to illegals, a violation of our Fourteenth Amendment. We then canbegin deporting the remaining illegals as President Eisenhower did in 1954.

What we must not do is reward illegals with amnesty for breaking our laws. We can be sure that is what our sneaky Congress is planning to do after this year's election. Let's not let it happen! "


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Nie widze tu zadnych ciekawych argumentow -- autor przedstawil czesto spotykane tu opinie. Ja bym nawet powiedziala, ze to sa dosyc umiarkowane (i sensowne - enforce our own laws) opinie. Wspomnienie o amnestii ("we must not do is reward illegals with amnesty for breaking our laws) nie ma znaczenia, bo kongress wcale tego nie rozwaza.

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