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Pytanie "have You Attended Any Educational Institutions At A Secondary Level Or Above? "

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Witam, mam pytanie do pytania jak w temacie "Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above? " Do pytania jest podana wskazówka :

Help: Level of Education

You must answer Yes to this question if you have ever attended, for any length of time, a high school/secondary school (or its equivalent in your country) or college, university, graduate school, a doctoral program, or a vocational program.

Help: Course of Study

For middle school/junior high or high school course of study please indicate “Academic” or “Vocational.” For all other educational levels please indicate your major or concentration.

Czy ktoś mi podpowie, czy ja mam wprowadzać dane zaczynając od gimnazjum, później liceum, studia??


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